Skills Intelligence has specialized in organizing test days and conducting tests using the self-developed software. Trainers and athletes can view the results almost immediately after the test day by logging into their personal page. Is this something for your organization? Then contact us!

During the interview, we will discuss the possibilities of test days for your organization and the ways in which it could be used in your situation and what benefits it generates! A conversation about this is free of charge and without obligation.



Measuring and evaluating performance capacity is becoming increasingly important in sport. By repeatedly performing tests, there is more and more insight into the development of athletes.

Features of Skills Intelligence testing:

  • Data processing GDPR-proof
  • Results almost immediately visible
  • Benchmarking within sport


Skills Intelligence takes a large part of the care of test days out of your hands. All processing takes place digitally, from the creation of the account, the registration for a test day and the classification of groups.

Saving of time::

  • Organization in advance
  • During test day
  • Processing and distribution data

Content of test day

The purpose of the physical test day is to gain insight into the physical performance of athletes. We use professional test equipment and our test protocols are standardized.

Testing based on motor skills:

  • Speed
  • Power
  • Coordination
  • Flexibility
  • Endurance